05 July 2012

Custom Princess Tiaras

I love to make custom pieces, and I get contacted 3 or 4 times a year to make custom tiaras. They are normally "Princess" tiaras from movies, but sometimes someone gives me an idea, and I go with it. People are always so happy to get my custom pieces, it is very flattering. Plus, doing custom works forces me to work outside of the work that I just feel like doing, which is good for me, creatively. I just got finished with 2 custom princess tiaras, and I sent a message to the Etsy buyer who requested them, so I don't know yet whether she likes them. Let's hope so!
My version of Princess Aurora's tiara from the old Disney Sleeping Beauty.

The tiara is lightweight, as is just a wire frame with painted masking tape and floral tape. I painted the tiara gold, as I thought it would be weird to make it yellow like it is in the cartoon. They didn't have the ability to make "gold" color in a cartoon back then!

My interpretation of Princess Rapunzel's tiara from the recent CGI movie Tangled. The three large gems are made from Epoxy glue, while the rest is made from wire, sequins, beads, and acrylic gemstones. 

I had to hand paint all the wire and ribbon gold, as spray painting it would have been too messy, and would have gotten all over the clear gemstones, which I attaches to the tiara frame first.