28 September 2012

Dark Empress and Sweet Princess

 Dark Empress Tiara. This sort of follows my other black-themed tiaras, most notably my Black Swan tiaras which sold for Halloween-time last year.
The centerpiece is a rather nice vintage brooch. Little crystal charms hang from each wire point.

 This tiara is inspired off of a tiara I saw for sale in a shop in the mall. That tiara had a nice design, but it was all cheap plastic and made in China. Mine is completely handmade by me, out of wire!
It is my Dark Empress Crown, and is a very nice, large design.

 This is a custom piece for a little girl who loves sparkles and mermaids. The tiara is so sparkly, and tiny seashells which I've coated in an opalescent paint adorn the tiara.
The tiara features flower and heart-shaped acrylic rhinestones, really wonderful pink acrylic floral beads, mother-of-pearl disc beads, muscle shells, clam shells, and snail shells.

I've never personally seen this brand, but the sew-on rhinestones work best. They have the little holes in them, which makes it easy to string wire through them. I normally use acrylic rhinestones, but it would also be nice to use glass ones like the ones pictured below. 

19 September 2012

The Queen of Hearts, She Made Some Tarts

This is a remake of a tiara I made last year around the same time. It has a central heart element that I have handmade out of cardboard and painted red. Black wire acts as a support behind the whole tiara, and tendrils that I have painted gold spring up out of the tiara base. 

A silver-tone watch face is affixed to the middle, and handmade polymer clay spade beads are positioned on either side. Glass beads surmount each space, and an acrylic bead tops the heart. 

Such a beautiful tiara, I amaze myself sometimes.

Polymer clay is inexpensive, and is an awesome medium to use when constructing handmade jewelry items.

11 September 2012

Spiders and Bats

I had to make a bat wing tiara, as Halloween is getting ever nearer, and no one will want to buy black bat tiaras the rest of the year! It is made completely out of black wire, and a purple acrylic rhinestone is affixed in the middle of the tiara, and two dark blue metallic glass beads are on the top and bottom of the rhinestone.

It is a rather large piece, but it is very cool!

 Spiders are really scary to me, but they offer such cool possibilities in the realm of art, that I couldn't resist making a Spider Tiara. It is made completely out of wire, and as a result, it is rather heavy!

It's multiple eyes are little white beads that have red painted-on pupils.

It looks like the spider is perched on top of my head, ready to spring!

10 September 2012

Halloween is getting near!

A custom tiara I made for an Etsy customer. It is made all out of wire, with a red gem in the center. It is my imitation of Esmeralda's tiara from the Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney movie.

Esmeralda wearing the tiara. Mine isn't exactly like it, not as thick for one, but I think it's a fairly good real life representation of it.

My Halloween or Day of the Dead tiara. I am trying to make some cool Halloween-inspired tiaras, so this is the first. I got these really cute carved stone skull beads in different colors, and this tiara features a white one.

A simple Pearl Princess Tiara. I found these super awesome faux half pearl stick ons, and this tiara is the first to use them. I saw them before in the craft supply place near where I live, and I finally decided to buy them. They are really the neatest thing I've seen. I also wired them on, because adhesives don't work so well off of paper. But the fact that they stick on means you can place them wherever you want, and they don't move around!

Such a cute, understated piece!

I've been wanting to make more hairclips and combs. Small, petite pieces that can be worn whenever. This one utilizes red sparkling craft findings and red netted tulle material. Two long handmade wire combs come out it, allowing you to easily stick it into a ponytal.

I've got a high ponytail in my hair, and the clip looks rather cute when put off to the side of your head.

A dark Halloween-y tiara with sparkling rhinestones sprinkled all over it. I love gothic-inspired pieces, and since Halloween is coming up, thought I may as well make some!

The tiara design is sort of 3 different elements that are each a sort of tangle of wire. The piece is painted black with a gloss varnish. It's a rather cool piece, I think!

07 September 2012

Fantasy Tiaras that are perfect for Halloween!

I've been wanting to make a Star Trek Borg inspired tiara for a long time, and I finally got around to doing it. This is the sort of tiara I imagine the Borg Queen would wear if she wore a tiara. This is also Seven of Nine inspired, obviously, as I've got the additional eye piece that is a part of the tiara. I want to make another one of these for Halloween for myself, as I want to be a sort of Borg Bee Fairy (I couldn't decide what I wanted to be more for Halloween, so I combined all three). I think I could do it gold or maybe striped black and yellow like a bee. I'll have to see. This one is made all out of wire, and I've painted the wire black, and then dry brushed a metallic turquoise paint over the top. I could do any color, I would just have to mix it up!

The tiara part fits like a headband, and because the eyepiece is connected, the headband just needs to be adjusted so that the eyepiece rests on top of your eyebrow.

I went beach combing at Ocean Shores, Washington, a few weeks back, and I found dozens upon dozens of dead crab arms and claws. I scavenged up a bunch of them, pressure cooked them a couple of times, dried them out in the oven, and then finally they were ready for craft uses. These crab claws are attached to a metal band that I made, and the whole piece is sprayed with a nice high gloss read spray paint. They ended up looking like Devil horns, or mean bull horns, or something equally as lovely. These are perfect for so many Halloween costumes!

These crab claws have many sharp spikes on them, and I do not recommend them for children.