26 June 2014

Rainbows and Peacocks and Fun

Peacock Carnivale Tiara

This is a large impressive Peacock Carnivale Tiara! It is actually made off of a tiara I made a couple of years ago for Seattle Pride Parade, and I added peacock feathers, glittery craft sprigs, and rhinestones to the piece. It is now a perfect tiara for Cinco de Mayo, Brazilian Carnivale, Pride Celebrations, Burning Man, Gypsy Hallowe'en costumes, Mermaid costumes....the list literally goes on and on!

Beautiful peacock feathers peer out from the Cinco de Mayo beads.

The tiara looks great with blue and purple clip-on hair extensions!

The tiara is large, and bit heavy. It is sure to turn heads at your next celebration.

Tiara that is full of Rainbows!

This is a tiara I've been wanting to make for awhile. I have lots and lots of pretty glittery craft findings that I've purchased over the last 2 or 3 years, and often when I make a tiara from them, I use almost all of it, with some precious scraps left over. This tiara is made from all those scraps that I've collected. A rainbow myriad of glitter berries, silk flowers, glittery sprigs, and rhinestones adorn this piece. The result is a magical, rainbow woodland delight.

The pink flowers are left over from the huge bouquet I had originally bought to adorn my wedding shoes with.

Glittery gold, pink, blue, red, green and silver findings cover the tiara.

A wondrous bouquet to wear on your head! Perfect for any occasion, and suitable for children.

Steampunk Brass Tiara with Emerald Rhinestones

A beautifully antiqued photo of myself wearing the steampunk tiara masterpiece.

This is the most exciting tiara I've made in a long time. I have made quite a lot of silver tiaras in the past, but never a gold one. The watch parts I've had for a very long time, and I finally wanted to make a tiara from them. Luckily, I had just acquired beautiful antique brass flowers and leaves, and a contemporary golden butterfly that looks nice and vintage. There are some other found items stuck in there, also. The finished piece is old, regal, vintage, and super Steampunk awesomeness!

Victorian Steampunk Tiara

Green glass rhinestones finish off the piece, adding a subtle amount of sparkle.

Clock cogs and springs mix with vintage brass findings, and a heart that was from a contemporary piece of broken costume jewelry.

22 June 2014

Tiaras: Redesigned

Okay, so to update on my last post. I unlisted about 9 tiaras from my shop that I wanted to improve. These were all tiaras that my sister made, and that she gave to me to list in my Etsy shop. I've improved the first 5, but I don't know whether I will continue with the final four, or just list them at a clearanced price in my shop.

These are the glorious transformations of 5 of those tiaras:

Jester Crown Before

I added a bunch of rhinestones to this piece to really jazz it up. It was pretty plain before, but now it is fancy and will add charm and prestige to any harlequin or Harley Quinn costume. The white beads I covered in sparkling glitter. 

Jester Crown Redesigned!

  ♥    ♥  ♥  ♥

Mini Icicle Crown Before

This one I've added quite a lot to. I kept the original frame, since the shape was attractive. I've changed the coloring from a subtle aurora sparkle to a silver sparkle by covering the tiara in silver glitter and adding lots of rhinestones to it. I've removed the original dangling elements, and simply added 4 briolette drops to the crown. 

Mini Icicle Crown Redesigned!
♥    ♥  ♥  ♥

Mini Princess Crown Before

 This one needed a bit of work, since it looked sort of cheap, and that is never my intention in designing tiaras/crowns. I removed the sequins my sister had dangling from each crown point, and replaced these with golden crystal briolettes. I also added a row of orange rhinestones to the base of the crown, and added an orange rhinestone to the tip of each crown point. The points themselves also needed a little bending and reshaping to look even. The end result is a sparkling mini crown, perfect for little princesses everywhere!

Mini Princess Crown Redesigned!

  ♥    ♥  ♥  ♥

Purple Fair Crown Before

This crown was incredibly simple to begin with, so all I needed to do with this one was to add stuff! I added trailing green vines to the crown, and lavender rhinestones to the middle of each swirl element. The end result is a magnificent fairy crown.

Purple Fairy Crown Redesigned!
♥    ♥  ♥  ♥

Empress Butterfly Tiara Before

 This was a tiara that was just never very popular in my Etsy shop. I can tell whether people like a certain tiara, because it will almost immediately get lots of views. This tiara was never to be, and after more than 6 months in my shop, it only got a measly 90 views. I knew it was high time to redesign it into something amazing, and I did. I added lots of rhinestones to this tiara, helping to fill out the shape and also hide the wire frame. I put silver glitter all over, which added lots more sparkle to the tiara. Finally, underneath each butterfly, I affixed a horizontal rhinestone bead, filling in that large gap beneath each butterfly. My sister has good ideas, but she doesn't always bring the tiara to its final finished state. I am pretty good at taking her work and making it look perfect and polished.

Empress Butterfly Tiara Redesigned!

This post reminds me of those before and after shots for home miracle remedies, where the person slouches or is not smiling in the "before" shot, but in the "after" pic, they are standing up tall and looking super happy. Because let's face it, the "before" tiara shots in this post are TERRIBLY taken photos; they do, however, make the "after" redesigned tiaras look just that much more amazing!

20 June 2014

Tiara Redesigns

Some of you may notice that I have unlisted about 9 or 10 tiaras out of my shop. I feel the need to redesign them, and make them better! They are actually tiaras/mini crowns my sister made. She doesn't have quite the same level of craftsmanship or design sense as me, and since none of these items that she made have sold, it indicates that customers probably noticed that they weren't MY creations. So, I will be "Allisonifying" them, and making them the high quality you expect from Moondust Jewels.

The new Moondust Jewels business card. I always include one in each order!

03 June 2014

Mermaids and Snow Queens

This is a beautiful and simple glittery green tiara headband. I put a glittery green craft sprig on top of one of my handcrafted wire tiara bands, and then put a row of dark green rhinestones on top. A glittery metal star is in the middle of the tiara, and a dark green rhinestone finishes off the piece.

This piece is simple and low key, so it can be worn with mermaid costumes or with jeans and a t-shirt.

Petite Siren Tiara

This is a lovely piece I've been wanting to make! I bought these large flowers a long while ago, and kept not using them. I knew that they had to be used for the correct tiara design. I found all my clear tiara supplies, and concocted this piece! It looks like an icy snow queen tiara, perfect for weddings or for use with costumes. In between each flower are these lovely clear glass icicle beads, and topping each flower is a long triangular-shaped crystal and a round crystal. A sparkling sheer ribbon covers the band, and clear glitter finishes off the piece, which I applied here and there, mostly to cover up the black-colored wire.

Snow Flowers Tiara

29 May 2014

I Heart Jadis

 If there's a fictional character I love more than Empress Jadis from Narnia, I don't know who it is. She is a strong female character that you don't often see in books, even if she is sorta evil. I bet she wore the most amazing ice crowns. CS Lewis obviously wasn't a huge jewelry connoisseur, and he never describes the magnificent jewels she totally would have worn!

 I made this amazing piece from silvery craft sprigs, piled high! The effect is intimidating, and wonderful, so Empress Jadis!

To purchase this tiara, go here.

This is one of my most proud pieces I've made! This says "Winter Queen" all over it, and emulated icicles in a sunray pattern. I've added some aurora rhinestones to the front of the tiara for a subtle effect. Careful when hugging someone while wearing it, I almost hurt my husband's face! :)

Purchase the Frost Empress Crown here.

Now on to tiaras that aren't so fanciful or as fantasy filled. This is a very lightweight Raspberry tiara! It is an understated piece that is really perfect for everday wear, and would be absolutely delightful on a bride at her summer wedding.

Raspberry Summer Tiara

Anther very lightweight, simple tiara. It would be really cute on a bride! Purchase the tiara here.

My sister made the base of this tiara, adding leaves and the turquoise colored beads to a handcrafted tiara base. I completely decked  it out with rhinestones, adding them to the base of the tiara and the tops and bottoms of the leaves. This is a more classical design, so it would go really well with an accurate princess or queen costume.

Duchess of Moondust Tiara.

11 May 2014

Tiara Book!!!

 As some of you may know, I am a graphic designer, and I was in school for two years learning to be a whiz at Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Using all those skills, I wanted to make a book showcasing my favorite tiaras!
 The cover shows a very large impressive tiara I made for my twin sister for Christmas one year. I don't really make these kinds of tiaras to sell, not only because it uses so many expensive materials (look at all those crystals and cultured pearls!), but it took a really long time! I would charge probably $200 for a tiara like that. Anyways, I am proud of that creation, so I put it on the cover.

This is a tiara I just listed in my Etsy shop. It is made from wire, epoxy resin, and pressed hydrangea flowers. It also made it onto the cover of the art and literary journal Spindrift (which has won national awards, and accepts entries from all over the world). So this is quite a cool tiara! I hope whoever buys it treasures it and loves it as much as I have.

My tiara is featured on the top right on the cover!
About my book, if any of you would be interested in purchasing it, I can list it up for sale at Lulu.com. I don't know for sure how much it would cost. It has 16 pages (with 8 tiaras) plus a front and back cover. So send me a message if you think you would like to buy a copy, and help support an artist, graphic designer, and jewelry designer!

New and Old tiaras up for sale

 I had some "old" tiaras laying around that I just listed in my shop, plus two new ones that are custom orders.
Crown of Thorns Tiara
 This is my "Crown of Thorns" tiara, made simply from rusted wire that has been sealed with a matte varnish. It also sorts of looks like barbed wire, so it's even perfect for punk princesses as well as Jesus imitators.

Gothic Bee Antennae
 These cute guys are my bee antennae! I made these about two years ago for a bee costume I wore at Hallowe'en. They are made from wire, epoxy glue, and yellow paint.

Soie Violette Tiara
This is another tiara from about two years ago, one of my favorite creations that was in my personal collection. It is time to sell it, and let it have a new owner! It is made from wire, discs of epoxy resin, and pressed hydrangea flowers (that I personally made!). It has a cool fairy feel to it, with a bit of gothic feel from the black wire. Certainly an awesome piece, I have gotten lots of compliments whenever I've worn it!

 Another Esmeralda tiara! These are a bit tricky to make, so I kind of always dread it when someone sends me a custom request for one. I will probably not take any more, it's not a very fun tiara to make...

 This was a fun custom request! The client wanted a mix between a Winter Empress tiara in my shop, and a pink flower fairy tiara in my sold items. This is what I came up with! I love it, I hope they do! Sometimes people really put their trust in me, especially when they don't submit any sketches of what they want.

01 April 2014

Photo Touch Ups with Photoshop CC

I am not the best photographer in the world, as can be witnessed by some of the awful pics I need to redo of items in my Etsy shop! :(

But luckily, I am a graphic designer as well a fine artist, and I consider myself somewhat of a whiz at Adobe Photoshop. The current version I use is Photoshop CC.

I want to share a video slideshow I made below of the different steps of editing an image of myself wearing a tiara I recently made. I first adjust contrast and brightness, then use the healing brush tool to fix blemishes, and then use a Gaussian blur history brush to take out wrinkles and hair. I then do touching up with the clone stamp. This pic was a bit weird, I took the selfie with a point and shoot camera, but my mouth and nose are way large in the pic, and my eyes look far too small! So I enlarged my eyes, added more blue color to them, then did some warping and transforming with the image to make my proportions seem more normal. Watch here:

The tiara is one I made from repurposed jewelry that a friend didn't want anymore. It wasn't expensive jewelry, but it was too nice to throw away!

A beautiful black and pink butterfly and flower necklace is attached to the front of the tiara, and goes across the forehead. The tiara itself is a very petite design of black painted metal with little briolette pink acrylic gems dangling from fronds. The pink gems were repurposed from a pair of earrings. It is such a cute piece!

A detail of the tiara.

27 March 2014

And some more tiaras in March

And these are some more tiaras this month. The gold and green one is actually a revision of my gold woodland tiara. I was never extrememly happy with the design, so I've added a buncxh of pretty stuff to it. There is a multi-tiered green gem necklace that hangs across the forehead and is attached all along the bottom of the tiara. I also added vintage goldtone chain in swirling loops to the front of the tiara. It is now a grand elven crown!

Elven Empress Tiara

 This is a remake of a tiara I did ages ago. It is Esmeralda's tiara from the Disney cartoon The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This one is slightly different than the previous one I made, but mostly just because it's a bit tricky to make. This is a custom item for a lady in Poland.

This is another custom item, this time for a lady in Canada. It is a remake of my Empress series of tiaras (I did a post a while back that showed three different versions of the same tiara). This one is meant to look like antiqued silver, with transparent red gems and little white pearls adorn it in spots. I find the silver color interesting on this design, I was so used to it being gold on the three other ones!

And lastly, this is the third commission I've filled this week. This one is a purple spartan-style tiara. It is a remake of my Autumn Leaves Crown, which had this same shape, but had crushed leaves all over the front of it. It was quite lovely. The customer who wanted this said I could paint the tiara, and she wanted it purple and gray. She also loved the hematite beads on the other tiara, and luckily I still had some hematite beads laying around!