08 February 2015

Artistic Inpiration

 Tiaras are all around us, you just have to keep your eyes open for them! These are some tiaras I've seen recently here in Seattle:

A handcrafted Swarovski crystal tiara made for George Ballanchine's ballet Jewels, at Pacific Northwest Ballet here in Seattle.

A handcrafted Swarovski crystal tiara made for George Ballanchine's ballet Jewels, at Pacific Northwest Ballet here in Seattle.

A hand crafted Swarovski tiara made for Pacific Northwest Ballet's production of Black Swan.

The prima ballerina Black Swan costume.

The tiara that Tilda Swinton wore while playing Queen Jadis in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe film. It is displayed at the Experience Music Project museum here in Seattle.

Robin Wright's Princess Bride costume, complete with the tiara. It is such a lovely, highly detailed gown. Also at the EMP, along with the Star Wars outfits below, which are on temporary display.

Queen Amidala's Regal gown that Natalie Portman wore in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The headpiece is made from gold and red lace.

Queen Amidala's Galactic Senate gown that Natalie Portman wore in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The headpiece is based off of traditional headdresses worn by Mongolian royalty. It is made from real gold.

A concept drawing for a Queen Amidala costume.

06 February 2015

Golden Crowns

Golden Trinket Tiara

I made some new tiaras in golden hues! The one above I made using jewelry and findings. I had these brass rings that I don't remember where they came from,  and I used these as the basis for the tiara. One top of these rings I have layered vintage earrings and buttons. From one side is a briolette drop, in a pale yellow quartz. The asymmetrical shape of the tiara is very attractive and high fashion.

Buttons and earrings in golden hues adorn the tiara.

This is another gold tiara, but instead of using vintage metal findings, I've used glittery gold craft sprigs and leaves. The tendrils that spiral out from the tiara add an amount of depth.

Fountain of Gold Tiara

29 December 2014

Tiaras just in time for the new year

OMG, a huge gap between tiaras this time around! I always have the ideas in my head, but I've been really busy at work, and visiting various doctors since my health insurance from my job kicked in in November. These are just two simple pieces I made last week.

Feather Tiara with Rhinestones
I've had these red sparkle feathers for a long time, they were just too cool not to buy! The trouble is, it took me forever to try and think up a design that would work for them. Then, the craft store I frequent started selling strips of colored acrylic rhinestones, so I've got a huge pack of red ones. I put them together, and voila! a lovely feathery tiara. 

Asymmetrical Quartz Tiara
A couple of times a year there's a gem and jewelry show in the city center, and I found these amazing titanium-coated quartz crystal beads/pendants. I had to buy them, of course, and I've been super eager to make some items from them. This is just a beginning, I have lots of really awesome ideas for these crystals. I have the purple-y ones, pictured, as well as blue colored ones.

The tiara itself sits asymmetrically, in a high fashion way. I think I saw this idea in an issue of W magazine. It's very punk, simple, and super stylish.

And I bought all these super cute bottles, and came up with Mermaid in a Bottle charms! These are so much fun, I remember having a mini bottle with a penny in it when I was a child, and it was one of my favorite items. This is even better! Inside the mini bottle are mermaid treasures: glittering seaweed, crystals, goldtone chain, a shard of crystal, a real crab arm, and a faux creamy pearl. A cultured freshwater black pearl acts like a charm on the necklace. Super fun!

These are available for sale in my other Etsy shop, Sparkle Pony Castle. I want to keep Moondust Jewels just all about the tiaras, so I don't want to branch out with other items and clutter up my shop.

Mermaid in a Bottle Necklace

20 October 2014

Elaborate and Fancy Crowns

Rainbow Candy Tiara

 I almost forgot to blog about my new tiaras! I made these in September, and it had been awhile since I made a tiara, since I got a new job and its obviously been eating up my free time!

The first one, the Rainbow Candy Tiara, is a tiara I've been wanting to make forever. I love color and rainbows and an overabundance of detail, so I used almost an entire pack of plastic raver beads to make this tiara. It is kind of a "Josephine" style tiara (named after the Empress Josephine of France, who was famous for wearing tiaras low across her brow), with the central point coming down a bit lower onto the forehead than I normally make my tiaras. A rainbow upcycled necklace drapes down the front and sides of the tiara, creating a beautiful effect. As you can see from the above picture, it is a very striking tiara.

Silver Queen Tiara

The second tiara is another silver trinket tiara. You all know that I love to make these silver themed tiaras, as they all turn out quite differently. It is all dependent on what items I have on hand to make the tiara, and I am constantly collecting silver items for these tiaras. 

Empress of the North Crown

The last tiara is a very elaborate winter queen tiara. I told myself that I wanted to start making really elaborate pieces, since they allow me to really be free with my art, and explore form and size and materials. This tiara utilizes a strand of frosty beads to drape across the forehead for a lovely effect. This tiara has already sold, but you can see more pics of it here.

30 July 2014

Never too much color or glitter!

 I don't think there is such thing as too much glitter or mermaid in any tiara. Am I right?

This tiara uses all my left over scraps of sparkling green craft findings. 

Even the tiara band is painted a sparkling green.

My favorite addition is the green star added to the top.

Ocean Flora Tiara.

Mini Princess Crown Comb.

This is a cute mini crown! It is attached to a faux tortoiseshell comb and is covered with a pretty translucent Angelina film.

This is a revision to my wing tiara! I've added a bunch of lavendar rhinestones, and purple Angelina film to the wings. It is like the coolest thing ever now. I mean, really.

Mercury in Flight Tiara.

And of course, you can never have too many rainbows or colors at once. I really don't think so. I have rainbow pants that are probably more rainbow than this tiara. 

I used up all my delectable scraps of craft findings, plus some sparkly beads, to make this delicious treat.

There's even a yellow glass skull bead with ruby glass rhinestone eyes. I went all out with this tiara!

This tiara is not for the faint of heart!

Rainbow Burlesque Tiara.

And I finally took better photos of my Purple Wedding Parure! I spent a long time trying to decided whether I should sell this, since I wore it to my own wedding, and it has a lot of sentimental value, but seriously, except for sometimes wearing the earrings and necklace, I never wore the other pieces after my wedding. I would LOVE for someone else to wear this at their wedding, or to wear with a really elaborate, expensive Halloween/Cosplay costume.

I love the brooch. I think people nowadays don't wear large brooches often enough. In fact, this is so large, I think it classifies as a stomacher!

Purple Wedding Tiara and Parure Set.

The whole set, including Tiara, brooch, earrings, necklace, and bracelet.

And the crowning glory of the whole set, the tiara. I am so proud of this tiara, I will miss it more than any other tiara when it sells. It truly is a masterpiece, and it is one of a kind.

26 June 2014

Rainbows and Peacocks and Fun

Peacock Carnivale Tiara

This is a large impressive Peacock Carnivale Tiara! It is actually made off of a tiara I made a couple of years ago for Seattle Pride Parade, and I added peacock feathers, glittery craft sprigs, and rhinestones to the piece. It is now a perfect tiara for Cinco de Mayo, Brazilian Carnivale, Pride Celebrations, Burning Man, Gypsy Hallowe'en costumes, Mermaid costumes....the list literally goes on and on!

Beautiful peacock feathers peer out from the Cinco de Mayo beads.

The tiara looks great with blue and purple clip-on hair extensions!

The tiara is large, and bit heavy. It is sure to turn heads at your next celebration.

Tiara that is full of Rainbows!

This is a tiara I've been wanting to make for awhile. I have lots and lots of pretty glittery craft findings that I've purchased over the last 2 or 3 years, and often when I make a tiara from them, I use almost all of it, with some precious scraps left over. This tiara is made from all those scraps that I've collected. A rainbow myriad of glitter berries, silk flowers, glittery sprigs, and rhinestones adorn this piece. The result is a magical, rainbow woodland delight.

The pink flowers are left over from the huge bouquet I had originally bought to adorn my wedding shoes with.

Glittery gold, pink, blue, red, green and silver findings cover the tiara.

A wondrous bouquet to wear on your head! Perfect for any occasion, and suitable for children.

Steampunk Brass Tiara with Emerald Rhinestones

A beautifully antiqued photo of myself wearing the steampunk tiara masterpiece.

This is the most exciting tiara I've made in a long time. I have made quite a lot of silver tiaras in the past, but never a gold one. The watch parts I've had for a very long time, and I finally wanted to make a tiara from them. Luckily, I had just acquired beautiful antique brass flowers and leaves, and a contemporary golden butterfly that looks nice and vintage. There are some other found items stuck in there, also. The finished piece is old, regal, vintage, and super Steampunk awesomeness!

Victorian Steampunk Tiara

Green glass rhinestones finish off the piece, adding a subtle amount of sparkle.

Clock cogs and springs mix with vintage brass findings, and a heart that was from a contemporary piece of broken costume jewelry.