28 March 2012

Black Swan

I finally made another Black Swan tiara! I only made two last Halloween, but they were bought out of my Etsy shop within a week of posting them! I am trying to get ahead on Halloween now, and as I have this week off from school, I am working hard to produce some good quality tiaras!

This tiara is fairly similar to another I made. This one is a sort of wire "leafy skeleton" design, coated in mod podge (my favorite art supply!) and painted in matte black acrylic paint. Six small rhinestone charms adorn either side of the tiara, and an acrylic rhinestone sits in the middle.

My pink Empress/Quail Tuft/Egyptian Pharaoh Tiara! The centerpiece is a  glass pendant, and a thin pink wire decorates the black scrolling designs, as well as the base of the tiara.

26 March 2012

New Black Tiara and more!

 Selling on Etsy is alright, it just is sort of a shame when I do sell anything, because I then have to pay both Etsy and PayPal fees from the sale. And Etsy is supposed to be a site where everything being sold is in one of three categories: Handmade, Vintage (20 years old or older), or a Supply. I know as well as you that quite a lot of stuff on Etsy is not handmade, but sellers often lie and say that they handmade everything. Rest assured, I ACTUALLY do hand make everything I sell, and if you've ever read my descriptions I include with my item listings, you will know that I disclose everything on how I made the tiara and out of what! Just as a heads up,  before purchasing something on Etsy that looks too beautiful and perfect to be handmade for such an inexpensive (or oftentimes, extremely expensive) price, check out www.regretsy.com. This site could help you NOT make a bad purchase on Etsy. Etsy needs better monitoring of their own site and all the stuff that is being sold.
This is a fun child's tiara, made by my sister for a friend's daughter.

Because we hand make the tiara frames and bands  out of wire, they can be easily adjusted to fit any sized-head.

A gothic arch, Black Swan inspired tiara. Clear sea glass is suspended in each arch way, and black seed beads and gray stone beads border the upper and lower arches.

It looks absolutely beautiful when worn!

This was a tiara I previously posted on here, but I was never very happy with the design, so I added  acrylic bead-topped pins in between every crystal heart and pearl, and the piece is extremely elegant now.