29 December 2014

Tiaras just in time for the new year

OMG, a huge gap between tiaras this time around! I always have the ideas in my head, but I've been really busy at work, and visiting various doctors since my health insurance from my job kicked in in November. These are just two simple pieces I made last week.

Feather Tiara with Rhinestones
I've had these red sparkle feathers for a long time, they were just too cool not to buy! The trouble is, it took me forever to try and think up a design that would work for them. Then, the craft store I frequent started selling strips of colored acrylic rhinestones, so I've got a huge pack of red ones. I put them together, and voila! a lovely feathery tiara. 

Asymmetrical Quartz Tiara
A couple of times a year there's a gem and jewelry show in the city center, and I found these amazing titanium-coated quartz crystal beads/pendants. I had to buy them, of course, and I've been super eager to make some items from them. This is just a beginning, I have lots of really awesome ideas for these crystals. I have the purple-y ones, pictured, as well as blue colored ones.

The tiara itself sits asymmetrically, in a high fashion way. I think I saw this idea in an issue of W magazine. It's very punk, simple, and super stylish.

And I bought all these super cute bottles, and came up with Mermaid in a Bottle charms! These are so much fun, I remember having a mini bottle with a penny in it when I was a child, and it was one of my favorite items. This is even better! Inside the mini bottle are mermaid treasures: glittering seaweed, crystals, goldtone chain, a shard of crystal, a real crab arm, and a faux creamy pearl. A cultured freshwater black pearl acts like a charm on the necklace. Super fun!

These are available for sale in my other Etsy shop, Sparkle Pony Castle. I want to keep Moondust Jewels just all about the tiaras, so I don't want to branch out with other items and clutter up my shop.

Mermaid in a Bottle Necklace