23 July 2013

Ice Crystal Tiara!

This is a custom order for an Etsy user who wants this for her wedding. I feel so honored! As far as I know, this is my first tiara to be used for a wedding! Yay!

I used large quartz crystals, which are slightly foggy, and clear glass crystals, which are super clear and contrast beautifully with the foggy crystals. Every crystal is wired to the base, and then I applied large amounts of epoxy resin to make sure each one was completely secure. Clear glitter was then applied all over the base, to help cover the wire and epoxy glue, which inevitably showed.

The tiara sits like a headband rather than a traditional tiara.

02 July 2013

Custom Tiara!

I got a request for a custom tiara. Basically the customer wanted a tiara currently in my shop, but with different colored stones in it.

I used glass marbles backed with red paint, and set into gold painted polymer clay bezels.

The original design, with cognac colored faceted crystal beads. The glass pearls are the same on either tiara. This tiara can be purchased here.