09 January 2017

Moondust Jewels will be going away soon!

Hello Everyone!

For anyone that has purchased items from my store or been a reader of my blog, you know full well that for the last year and a half, I have not really updated my Etsy shop and I haven't done any new posts on here.

I think Moondust Jewels has moved in another direction, and I want some time to get my new look, and my new jewelry style out there. My shop will be closing in a few months' time, and I want to completely get rid of my old stock and replace with all new creations sometime in the future. As to how long my shop will be closed, I am not sure! However long it takes me to make all new works that I am happy with, which could easily be 6 months or more from now.

Please visit my shop and see if there's any items you take a liking to! They are all 50% or more off of my original listed prices. A real steal!