26 November 2012

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Tiara

I love diamond spike tiaras. Every royal family owns at least one of this style of tiara. The Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden wears one quite frequently, and it is hers which inspired this tiara. I made a post on this tiara back when I made it quite some time ago, but I've recently taken some new pictures of it, as I'm taking an Adobe InDesign class at the moment, and decided for my final that I wanted to make a book of my tiaras. I had my boyfriend take a bunch of pics of me wearing this gold and sequin-covered thing, as it's my most grand, royal tiara I've made. I've added some nice filters to the pic for the sake of the blog, but for my book, I want to make it look very old. I just need to find a photoshop effect that adds a film grain and a sepia tone to the picture. I know that is available on Photoshop, but for the life of me can't remember where it is.

This tiara is made out of polymer clay and wire that have been spray painted gold. Spray paint sticks incredibly well to polymer clay, so there is no need to go out and buy expensive colors of metallic polymer clay. Large stick-on rhinestones adorn each "spike", and silver star sequins litter the front of each spike.

Pressed Flowers Tiara

 I made this tiara a while ago. It's in my personal collection, as it was more of a piece of art to me than a tiara which I was making to sell on Etsy. Ideas pop into my head, and for this one, I was very inspired by glass and the way that light is refracted through it. The flowers were these beautiful hydrangea flowers that I pinched from a local apartment complex's landscaping. The flowers themselves came in all sorts of sizes, from large to very tiny. I pressed them for about a month between the pages of a heavy Faberge book I own, and needless to say, some of the pages got warped and stained from the flowers, even though I inserted folded sheets of paper to protect the book.

The wire frame of the tiara is made from a dark wire. Each clear disk is made from epoxy glue that I spread out into circles the sizes of the wire circles. Epoxy glue, awesomely enough, does not stick to those clear sheets that protect papers in a binder, so I do all my epoxy work on those. I then used glossy Mod Podge and affixed the flowers to the disks of epoxy. I then used more Epoxy, and when everything was dry, glued the epoxy/flower discs to the tiara frame. I wore this tiara once, it is rather nice. I've been wanting to experiment more with epoxy glue, so I may make more variations of this tiara, or even make earrings along this style.