27 March 2014

And some more tiaras in March

And these are some more tiaras this month. The gold and green one is actually a revision of my gold woodland tiara. I was never extrememly happy with the design, so I've added a buncxh of pretty stuff to it. There is a multi-tiered green gem necklace that hangs across the forehead and is attached all along the bottom of the tiara. I also added vintage goldtone chain in swirling loops to the front of the tiara. It is now a grand elven crown!

Elven Empress Tiara

 This is a remake of a tiara I did ages ago. It is Esmeralda's tiara from the Disney cartoon The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This one is slightly different than the previous one I made, but mostly just because it's a bit tricky to make. This is a custom item for a lady in Poland.

This is another custom item, this time for a lady in Canada. It is a remake of my Empress series of tiaras (I did a post a while back that showed three different versions of the same tiara). This one is meant to look like antiqued silver, with transparent red gems and little white pearls adorn it in spots. I find the silver color interesting on this design, I was so used to it being gold on the three other ones!

And lastly, this is the third commission I've filled this week. This one is a purple spartan-style tiara. It is a remake of my Autumn Leaves Crown, which had this same shape, but had crushed leaves all over the front of it. It was quite lovely. The customer who wanted this said I could paint the tiara, and she wanted it purple and gray. She also loved the hematite beads on the other tiara, and luckily I still had some hematite beads laying around!

Bachelorette Party!

 I finally found a tiara design that people are ordering left and right! A lot of people make bachelorette party tiaras that say "Bride" on them, so I made my own version. So far, customers have been really happy with them!

Pearl Bride Tiara. This is a gold tiara with faux pearls on it.

Rhinestone Bride Tiara. This is a gold tiara with rhinestones on it.

Silver and Rhinestone Bride Tiara. This is new! It is silver with rhinestones.
These are all made-to-order tiaras, but anytime a customer purchases one, I try to make a bunch more. I just made 5 additional gold colored ones, and I wait until another sells before putting the rhinestones or pearls on them.