26 November 2012

Pressed Flowers Tiara

 I made this tiara a while ago. It's in my personal collection, as it was more of a piece of art to me than a tiara which I was making to sell on Etsy. Ideas pop into my head, and for this one, I was very inspired by glass and the way that light is refracted through it. The flowers were these beautiful hydrangea flowers that I pinched from a local apartment complex's landscaping. The flowers themselves came in all sorts of sizes, from large to very tiny. I pressed them for about a month between the pages of a heavy Faberge book I own, and needless to say, some of the pages got warped and stained from the flowers, even though I inserted folded sheets of paper to protect the book.

The wire frame of the tiara is made from a dark wire. Each clear disk is made from epoxy glue that I spread out into circles the sizes of the wire circles. Epoxy glue, awesomely enough, does not stick to those clear sheets that protect papers in a binder, so I do all my epoxy work on those. I then used glossy Mod Podge and affixed the flowers to the disks of epoxy. I then used more Epoxy, and when everything was dry, glued the epoxy/flower discs to the tiara frame. I wore this tiara once, it is rather nice. I've been wanting to experiment more with epoxy glue, so I may make more variations of this tiara, or even make earrings along this style.

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