02 August 2013

Wedding Parure

 I am getting married in August, and since I'm the Tiara Queen, of course I had to make myself a grand tiara for the special day! My dress is a fuchsia pink color, simple style, but a bit medieval, with laced-up front and gauzy trim on the elbow-length sleeves. The jewelry parure is all in purple titanium, with faceted pink crystals.

The grand wedding tiara! I found these amazing titanium-coated glass crystal beads, and that's what the spikes are. I also used faceted titanium-coated glass beads, and pink faceted teardrop crystals. I wanted to do a purple and gold theme, but I had no gold wire left, and I really wanted to get this tiara made, so I opted for silver, which looks just as beautiful! The base of the tiara is wrapped in sparkling purple ribbon. Everything is securely glued in place with epoxy resin. There were a lot of loose pieces after wiring everything together that I didn't quite anticipate, thus the epoxy.

The rest of the parure, consisting of earrings, necklace, brooch (lower left), and a bracelet which I did not make, but coincidentally already own, and it is made with the same titanium-coated faceted glass beads. What can I say? There is something irresistible about that amazing metallic purple color! Both the tiara and necklace stay on with the assistance of attached silver chain. Now, I just need to make or find or buy a pin back for the brooch.

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