20 October 2014

Elaborate and Fancy Crowns

Rainbow Candy Tiara

 I almost forgot to blog about my new tiaras! I made these in September, and it had been awhile since I made a tiara, since I got a new job and its obviously been eating up my free time!

The first one, the Rainbow Candy Tiara, is a tiara I've been wanting to make forever. I love color and rainbows and an overabundance of detail, so I used almost an entire pack of plastic raver beads to make this tiara. It is kind of a "Josephine" style tiara (named after the Empress Josephine of France, who was famous for wearing tiaras low across her brow), with the central point coming down a bit lower onto the forehead than I normally make my tiaras. A rainbow upcycled necklace drapes down the front and sides of the tiara, creating a beautiful effect. As you can see from the above picture, it is a very striking tiara.

Silver Queen Tiara

The second tiara is another silver trinket tiara. You all know that I love to make these silver themed tiaras, as they all turn out quite differently. It is all dependent on what items I have on hand to make the tiara, and I am constantly collecting silver items for these tiaras. 

Empress of the North Crown

The last tiara is a very elaborate winter queen tiara. I told myself that I wanted to start making really elaborate pieces, since they allow me to really be free with my art, and explore form and size and materials. This tiara utilizes a strand of frosty beads to drape across the forehead for a lovely effect. This tiara has already sold, but you can see more pics of it here.

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