21 September 2011

My own private collection of tiaras...

 I have my own collection of tiaras I've made that contain too many sentimental items on them, and I can't sell them. I have no doubt that if I tried, I could sell them quite easily.
 This is a tiara that I made using all my favorite brooches, beads, and small toys. There's a mini Elmo on there, a Disney Princesses key, and even a princess Polly Pocket. The centerpiece is an antique cameo brooch/pendant. This piece is extremely heavy, and I have never worn it for any occasion. It's my pretty art piece!
 This is what I refer to as my "Candy Tiara". This one also has a mini Elmo, and a Yoshi pin, a Hello Kitty charm, and fluorescent beads. The centerpiece was an old key chain, it is an acrylic-encased real spider and actually glows in the dark. I have worn this tiara over a hat, as it is not very comfortable when worn directly on the head.
 This is my "Alice Tiara", as I made it very recently to go with my Alice costume, from the recent Alice in Wonderland movie. It reminds me very much of the sort of tiara that the prima ballerina would wear for a ballet. It has a metal frame onto which contemporary earrings have been attached, and the metal swirly designs are from a bracelet. This tiara is lightweight, and cute to wear, as it is very tall, but not very wide.
 This is another heavy creation, composed of aluminum wire, buttons, and keys. I also added maroon aurora crystals as an accent around the base, and I think I must not have had silver wire, as I used gold wire to attach everything together.
This is also an Alice in Wonderland inspired tiara. My sister made this and gave it to me as a gift for my twentieth birthday. The centerpiece is a heart cut out of matte board, painted red, and then wired to the front is a vintage watch face that belonged to my great grandmother. The two black diamond sidepieces are also painted matte board, and my sister painstakingly affixed rhinestones by hand to the entire design. Three northern flicker feathers have been artfully trimmed and decorated, and made into a sort of trefoil design.

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