04 January 2012

New Tiaras for a New Year!

 Me wearing a delicate brass butterfly bandeau tiara.
 A gold and blue metallic ribbon connects three brass butterflies, and a goldtone and cubic zirconia chain is laced around the ribbon. A white and gold cord is attached at either end, allowing the wearer to tie the bandeau securely onto their head with a bow.
 The bandeau/tiara/headband can be worn across the forehead, or on top on the head the way you would wear a headband.
 A gold brass lioness oval charm surround by two brass zig-zag charms. They are all connected with wire, and the wire has been wrapped in ribbon, with ribbon at either end to allow the wearer to tie the headband on securely with a bow.
 When I see anything glittery, I instantly want it, and I was so excited when I found then sparkling green craft leaves. This tiara would be perfect for a mermaid, elf, or fairy costume, or for that crazy Christmas Party.
Opalescent pearls peek out from between the sparkling green leaves. A green and silver ribbon is wrapped around the base of the tiara.

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