20 January 2012

Pearl Spikes, Gold Halos, and Silver Trinkets

 The black allows for it to be nearly invisible on the wearer's head.
 The Silver Trinket tiara, made by my sister. Silver-tone trinkets, including a small hand, keys, a heart charm, and 2 watch faces, adorn a wire frame. The base is wrapped is sparkling black ribbon.
 A tiara of more classical design, made to look like Pearl spikes.
 My pearl spike tiara. It is imitating Pearl Spike tiaras, where I have made oriental pear pearl shapes coming out of the tiara frame, and I have painted them an opalescent white with just a hint of pale blue. The base is wrapped in aluminum foil, and spray-painted gold. Simple but very elegant.
 This is my "Princess Victoria Russian Spike Tiara". Every royal family owns at least one spike, or kokoshnik, tiara, and this one is my interpretation of the one often worn by the Crown Princess of Sweden. It is composed of polymer clay, with strategically placed holes which allowed me to string all the spikes together. They are attached on top of a wire frame, and the whole piece has been sprayed gold. Silver star sequins adorn the fronts of the spikes, making them twinkle and shine like diamonds!
This tiara looks even more awesome when it is worn! The gold-tone wire keeping it all together is barely noticeable, and it makes for a very regal appearance.

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  1. These are so cute! I want one for my wedding