12 June 2012

The making of a Spike Tiara

I know this looks like an awesome Psychadelic tiara, but this is what you get when you use polymer clay that was donated to you, and it is thrown into a bag all together. The actual colors don't matter, as I ended up painting the whole thing gold anyways. Each spike element is made separately, where I start with the largest middle piece and work outward. I use a piece of wire and poke holes into each polymer clay piece, bake it in the oven, then string it on wire. Beads are used as spacers between each clay piece.

This one is much larger than the previous one I made, and it is much more precise. It almost continues in a complete crown around the head. 

I love using color backgrounds in my tiara photos. The gold color pops, and the details of the tiara can be clearly seen.

The inspiration for my Princess Victoria Spike tiara, the Crown Princess of Sweden herself!

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