08 June 2012

Barbie Doll Tiaras!!!

I have thought about making Barbie tiaras for a long time. I loved playing with Barbies when I was a kid, and I am sure I would have loved to have had a ton of different tiara/crown accessories for them! I am still considering whether I should sell these on Etsy, or rather, TRY to sell them, as I don't know if there is any market for these things. I guess I could always try Ebay, there might be a larger market for Barbie accessories there.
My Scary Spice doll (these dolls are the exact same size as Barbie Dolls) wearing a homemade gold wire heart tiara.

My Victoria Beckham doll wearing a regal piece. I thought it made her look like the Posh snob that was her Spice Girl character!

A rather nice, solid design, in the middle of which I have stuck an acrylic rhinestone. I think I like the Sporty Spice doll best, since she has the nose piercing and looks the most like me!

Baby Spice wearing a simple gold spike style tiara.

Ginger Spice wearing a gold wire "festoon" style tiara, or scroll type tiara. Something like that. But I think it looks rather nice!

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