28 September 2012

Dark Empress and Sweet Princess

 Dark Empress Tiara. This sort of follows my other black-themed tiaras, most notably my Black Swan tiaras which sold for Halloween-time last year.
The centerpiece is a rather nice vintage brooch. Little crystal charms hang from each wire point.

 This tiara is inspired off of a tiara I saw for sale in a shop in the mall. That tiara had a nice design, but it was all cheap plastic and made in China. Mine is completely handmade by me, out of wire!
It is my Dark Empress Crown, and is a very nice, large design.

 This is a custom piece for a little girl who loves sparkles and mermaids. The tiara is so sparkly, and tiny seashells which I've coated in an opalescent paint adorn the tiara.
The tiara features flower and heart-shaped acrylic rhinestones, really wonderful pink acrylic floral beads, mother-of-pearl disc beads, muscle shells, clam shells, and snail shells.

I've never personally seen this brand, but the sew-on rhinestones work best. They have the little holes in them, which makes it easy to string wire through them. I normally use acrylic rhinestones, but it would also be nice to use glass ones like the ones pictured below. 

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