14 December 2012

Empressive Tiaras

Old World Empress Tiara
 I love antique stores, and I can't say no when I see sparkly old brooches and earrings. My sister found these for me in an antique store in Seattle, and they sat around for awhile until I had the time to start making tiaras again! The central piece is a rhinestone brooch in a beautiful star burst design. The solid rhinestone circular pieces to either side are clip-on earrings. The base of the tiara is a rhinestone necklace. All the pieces are older, maybe some from over 50 years ago, I'd guess. They are all unmarked costume jewelry pieces.

The tiara sparkles beautifully in the light, and is the most classical Empress-style tiara I've ever made. It's perfect for weddings.

Flower Fairy Tiara
 I love these acrylic pink flower beads, and I made a large flower tiara using them. Pink is a girl's color, and for good reason! It's a very girly floral tiara perfect for weddings or even for the flower girl to wear!

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