07 January 2013

Winter Tiaras

 I went crazy this December and made over 20 new tiaras. I didn't realize it until I posted them all to Etsy, but I made a ton of silver tiaras, which is good since I never seem to have any in my shop!

 Huge crab claw tiara. I found tons of dead crabs on a trip to the coast of Western Washington, and after a crab-stench car ride back home and my apartment smelling like dead crab for 2 days. But now I have a nice collection of crab claws and arms to use for art purposes!

This is a mermaid-themed crab claw tiara. I've seen other amazing mermaid headdresses on Etsy, and I've been wanting to make larger statement pieces for awhile. There are real pearls and crystals as well as sea shells and silver crab claws.

Ice Queen Tiara! I got so excited when I saw this frosty "ice" covered branch at a craft supply store. It makes a beautiful tiara, and the large plastic pieces look like chunks of ice.

Close up of the Ice Queen tiara.

 Glitter devil horns. Because everyone needs a set of devil horns, and they may as well be glitterlicious.
 My sister made this lovely piece. It's amazing how, using my supplies, she can make something that I didn't even think of.

 This piece uses silver glitter covered leaves and a vintage clip on earring. Very simple, but an elegant crown.

 I can imagine a sweet little girl wearing this large sparkle bow. Or I would totally wear this thing. It's awesome. There is a comb attached to the back so that it can easily be stuck into your hair.

 Imperial Arctic Tiara. I've been watching the cartoon series Avatar a lot recently, and I think it's fair to say I'd probably be a water bender. A water bending princess, most likely. So this is the tiara I'd wear!

An old friend of mine said she wanted to buy one of my tiaras, but she chose one that my sister made that had sold! So I made this lovely silver trinket tiara, that I have Frenchly named Diademe d'Argent. I love it, so complicated looking, but the silver color pulls everything together.

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