14 April 2013

Talking Heads: A Contemporary Take on Headdresses

A friend of mine directed me to a competition in North Vancouver, British Columbia, called Talking Heads: A Contemporary Take on Headdresses. It is at a space called Cityscape Community Art Space. The theme of the exhibit is to take an historical headdress, and make it contemporary.

I've done just that! My theme is–of course–an old European-style crown. I then combined it with the idea of a Moon Queen, and I came up with a moon-colored crown with rhinestone embellishments. Luckily, at the moment I just need to send in a CD with jpegs of my work, plus artist statement and all that. I am not sure if my type of craziness fits into the idea of the exhibit, but I should find out in a few months if my work is selected to be in the exhibit. I can also place it for sale during the show if it's selected. And if it doesn't make the cut, that's ok! In that case, it would eventually go up for sale in my Etsy shop. I'll keep you all updated via this blog.

The following are the images I've submitted for the judging (they are of course higher resolution than what I've posted here).

A front view of my crown. It is by far larger than other crowns I've made before!

It has an overall gray, silver and deep blue color theme.

Instead of the classical fleur-de-lys in between each arch, I've put a moon and star emblem, with deep blue crystal beads.

For more information on this competition, visit http://www.surfacedesign.org/events/talking-heads-contemporary-take-headdresses. The entry fee is CAN$15, which works out to be 14.78USD.

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  1. Update on this exhibit: My crown didn't make it in because they only accepted entries from 14 artists. Of course, they didn't say this anywhere on the entry form or rules or website or anywhere, because I probably wouldn't have entered it if I knew if was going to be such a tiny exhibit. Seriously, though, when hundreds of talented people enter a contest with only 14 "winners," they all have a very limited chance of making it.

    That being said, it was still a fun challenge to make this large-sized crown!