04 May 2013

Peacocks Galore

 An Etsy user who bought one of my tiaras was kind enough to actually send me a whole bunch of peacock feathers! She said she'd bought them in Asia years ago and never did anything with them. In Singapore, she said, you can buy 100 peacock feathers for only $10!

Needless to say, I became inspired to make some tiaras again.

A flapper-style 1920's Gatsby-esque aigrette tiara. It's very tall, but perfect for a very elegant look.

The band is wrapped in a soft green velvet, and the tiara is incredibly lightweight to wear.

A peacock hair comb. My sister bought me that beautiful gold woven ribbon a long while ago, and I could never find the perfect thing to use it on, until now. The gem is one of my own handcrafted bezel-set marbles.

It looks awesome put off to the side of the head. Very elegant!

This hair comb uses a "faux" peacock feather - made from friendly plastic. I was worried friendly plastic didn't exist anymore, as it's hard to find, but Amaco sells in on their website, and I was lucky enough to find a fabric/crafts store near me that sold a couple of colors (all the colors above, in fact).

Super cool looking, yet not too wacky for everyone to wear.

I highly recommend friendly plastic as a long-forgotten art medium from my childhood! It's so easy to use, and it's so fancy and pretty looking!

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