03 June 2013

Deja-vu Queen of Time!

 I thought I'd do some posts where I compare all the different versions of a tiara design. This is a Red Queen-inspired tiara. My boyfriend jested with me about my including the black spades on the tiara, and I do agree, the Red Queen from Through the Looking Glass probably wouldn't be wearing a nemesis' emblem. But hey, I'm not the red queen, so it's fair game.

The first iteration of the design. I made it two years ago at Halloween time. It is designed more like a "crown."

When I redid the tiara, I designed it like a headband, and not like a crown. I think tiaras fit more comfortably when they are designed as such. I kept the design basically the same. I made this about 4-6 months ago.

This is the most recent incarnation. I was requested by a customer to make a fancy version of the above tiara. I knew exactly what she meant, and I put even a sparkling gold band and in-between arches in gold. The black spades are covered in faceted acrylic rhinestones, and red glass rhinestones adorn the front heart. Quite a beautiful piece! I made this a couple of weeks ago.

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