29 May 2013

Hair Combs and Hair Pins

I have made a whole bunch new hair combs and hair pins. I felt very inspired to make a whole bunch of stuff after buying yet more craft items and then realizing that I haven't used the stuff I already have! So, using new supplies and "old" supplies, I have handcrafted lots of new sparkly accessories. They seem to be mostly mermaid themed, oddly enough...

Fancy Mermaid Comb
Real shells which are painted gold, with fine glass pearls and green sparkly seaweed. Very elegant!

Burlesque Peacock Hair Pin
Burlesque-style hair pins. They are bright green and blue and glittery, and contain real feather pieces from peacock feathers. There are two available.

Seaweed Hair Pins
These pins ended up looking like seaweed. They are simple, and there are 3 available.

Purple Siren Comb
I love anything glittery, and this comb screams burlesque! Bright purple glittery leaves and one of my handcrafted green glitter bezel set gems.

Ocean Siren Hair Pin
This one is like a tangle of seaweed. Nice green sparkly bits all combined into one piece.

Mermaid Princess Hair Pins
These are fit for a mermaid princess! A silver shell with a fine glass gray pearl, green leafy sprig, and a large rhinestone. There are three available.

Steampunk Peacock Pin
Peacock feather! This is a sort of steampunk-inspired  piece, especially with the gold key. (keys are steampunk, right?)

Winter Queen Crown
A mini Winter Queen crown. Very cute, has one of my handcrafted combs attached to it.

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