27 September 2013

Currencies and Stuff

I feel like discussing currency conversions here. I've been to the United Kingdom, and even though our money is worth less there, and one of their pounds is worth around $1.70 in the U.S., a pound to them is like a dollar to us here: it buys the same amount of stuff, and it takes the same earning power to get it. I mean, there might be more details in there, but overall this is more or less true. 

I kept wondering why so many of my Etsy sales were going to Australians and British people. Then it dawned on me: Etsy will convert your US price to whatever currency you choose. I can switch all my price preferences to British Pounds. That means that a $40 tiara in my shop costs only £25 for the Britsh. So, it's almost as if they are paying $25 to buy something that I am charging $40 for. So, if you're British (or Australian, I guess, although I've never been there and can't see how they judge a dollar), you are getting quite a deal with buying from American sellers. This is very interesting...

...but that also means that if people in the U.S. buy from British sellers, that Americans are paying a lot more...hmmmm...

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