01 April 2014

Photo Touch Ups with Photoshop CC

I am not the best photographer in the world, as can be witnessed by some of the awful pics I need to redo of items in my Etsy shop! :(

But luckily, I am a graphic designer as well a fine artist, and I consider myself somewhat of a whiz at Adobe Photoshop. The current version I use is Photoshop CC.

I want to share a video slideshow I made below of the different steps of editing an image of myself wearing a tiara I recently made. I first adjust contrast and brightness, then use the healing brush tool to fix blemishes, and then use a Gaussian blur history brush to take out wrinkles and hair. I then do touching up with the clone stamp. This pic was a bit weird, I took the selfie with a point and shoot camera, but my mouth and nose are way large in the pic, and my eyes look far too small! So I enlarged my eyes, added more blue color to them, then did some warping and transforming with the image to make my proportions seem more normal. Watch here:

The tiara is one I made from repurposed jewelry that a friend didn't want anymore. It wasn't expensive jewelry, but it was too nice to throw away!

A beautiful black and pink butterfly and flower necklace is attached to the front of the tiara, and goes across the forehead. The tiara itself is a very petite design of black painted metal with little briolette pink acrylic gems dangling from fronds. The pink gems were repurposed from a pair of earrings. It is such a cute piece!

A detail of the tiara.

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