11 May 2014

New and Old tiaras up for sale

 I had some "old" tiaras laying around that I just listed in my shop, plus two new ones that are custom orders.
Crown of Thorns Tiara
 This is my "Crown of Thorns" tiara, made simply from rusted wire that has been sealed with a matte varnish. It also sorts of looks like barbed wire, so it's even perfect for punk princesses as well as Jesus imitators.

Gothic Bee Antennae
 These cute guys are my bee antennae! I made these about two years ago for a bee costume I wore at Hallowe'en. They are made from wire, epoxy glue, and yellow paint.

Soie Violette Tiara
This is another tiara from about two years ago, one of my favorite creations that was in my personal collection. It is time to sell it, and let it have a new owner! It is made from wire, discs of epoxy resin, and pressed hydrangea flowers (that I personally made!). It has a cool fairy feel to it, with a bit of gothic feel from the black wire. Certainly an awesome piece, I have gotten lots of compliments whenever I've worn it!

 Another Esmeralda tiara! These are a bit tricky to make, so I kind of always dread it when someone sends me a custom request for one. I will probably not take any more, it's not a very fun tiara to make...

 This was a fun custom request! The client wanted a mix between a Winter Empress tiara in my shop, and a pink flower fairy tiara in my sold items. This is what I came up with! I love it, I hope they do! Sometimes people really put their trust in me, especially when they don't submit any sketches of what they want.

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