03 August 2015

Mermaids and Flowers

Crab Claws Tiara

Who knew people were going to like the crab claw tiaras so much? This one utilizes three real crab claws into the design. I ran low on supplies and did not have two even remotely similar crab claws, so I went the asymmetrical route, which I think works very well!

Golden Hydrangea Tiara

This tiara was actually inspired by a Pinterest post. You know the post where they show how you can make little metal wire outline flowers, then fill them in with nail polish? I didn't quite believe it, so I tried it! It does work; however, the tiara is only as good as the strength of the nail polish, so I decided to mod podge the whole thing, therefore reinforcing all the flowers. And of course, I like when things are spray painted gold, so spraying it gold pulled it all together. A sweet little delicate thing! Tiny glass aurora rhinestones decorate the middles of some of the flowers.

Seastar Tiara

And let's not forget about the mermaids! Oh, how I love mermaid hair accessories. This one centers around a nice large papier mâché sea star that I bought ages ago. This was always the intention for the sea star, so I painted it a nice opalescent blue color, put some glass rhinestones on it, and attached it to one of my handcrafted wire tiara bands.

Nice green sparkling seaweed sprigs are intermixed with faux turquoise and creamy white pearls, and I used some recycled green netting (you know the ones that your avocados come in?) to imitate...fishing nets, I guess. It sounds very weird now to say that I am imitating fishing nets on a mermaid tiara, but anyways, it does look good.

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