04 August 2015

Purple Empress

Queen Hermione Tiara

I have once again gone back to a tiara that I made years ago, to revamp it. This was a tiara I originally made for an Alice in Wonderland costume for Hallowe'en, circa October 2011. You can see the original tiara below. I was never 100% happy with the design, so I never listed it for sale. I used lots of fun jeweled baubles: vintage clip earrings, mismatched pendants, and odds and ends. The band was originally wrapped in a bright blue ribbon, which matched well with the Alice theme.

To remake this tiara, I added another band to the bottom of the tiara, so that there isn't a "ballerina" shape to the tiara anymore. Because I didn't want the blue ribbon to show anymore, I spray painted the new band and the blue band silver (by masking off the parts I didn't want sprayed). To the band I then added a double row of purple rhinestones. The tiara is a now a lovely purple and blue theme, colors I don't often use in my designs. I also added some purple rhinestones throughout the tiara to help pull everything together.

The finished piece is quite magnificent, if I do say so myself!

The original tiara, circa October 2011.

The tiara itself is very large and grand. The design is also finely detailed and delicate, creating a very royal look. This would be a perfect tiara for a fancier Empress costume.

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