30 April 2012

Horse Hair Tiara!!!

This tiara is made out of horse hair and wire. And some ribbon, that has been painted black with India Ink.

I did an item exchange with fellow Etsy shop owner Melinda of Bees on Pie (check out her blog here: http://beesonpie.blogspot.com/) She has this cool necklace in her shop, which reminds me of a "Dark Empress/Sorceress" Necklace! It was an interesting experience making a tiara out of horse hair. When I had wired all the tufts of hair to the tiara base, I had to trim the hair with scissors to make it even. Well, I was sorta drinking my morning cup of coffee while working on this tiara, and in the process of trimming the hair, I sort of got horsehair in my coffee. Worse still, I didn't want to waste my coffee, as it was an almost-full cup, so I tried to drink it anyways...it was rough going down and I don't recommend it! Lesson learned.

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