22 April 2012

New Tiaras I made in April!

After a very busy couple of weeks at school, I finally had some time to make some tiaras! I had drawn out some designs that I thought up in my head, and I actually made all of them, which is awesome for me, since I normally draw a lot of tiaras that I never end up making. So here are my 9 new tiara designs:
My Snow Queen Tiara
A very Halloween-y black Spiderweb Tiara, made simply out of black wire and paint.

Gold Lace Tiara. Very lightweight, tall, and elegant.

A beautiful green silk flower tiara, which has literally been dusted with gold pigment powder.

My large and awesome Ice Queen Tiara. I love this one, and I may want to make one for myself come this Halloween.

A simple wire, glitter, and crystal heart Sweetheart Tiara.

A very simple tiara made out of wire, covered with glitter, and there are some faux pearls added. It is a mini tiara, with an attached wire comb.

Russian Spike tiara!!! I love spike tiaras, and I have 4 now in my tiara shop.

This is one of my most original and unique tiaras to date. The green leaves are actually real , dried ivy leaves, and the yellow flower is a silk flower that I painted, and a vintage plastic bead sits in the middle of the flower. The whole piece has been thickly coated in clear glitter, giving it a frosty, ice-covered look, and it sparkles like sugar crystals in the sunlight.

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