11 January 2013

Fall Leaves and Kingly Crowns

Goddess of the Fall
Okay, so I got the idea to make a forest-y elf mini crown, and I had these pretty small flowers in varying shades of orange. I attached the flowers using wire to the arches of the crown, and in the middle of the crown I used large yellowish flowers. The entire tiara frame is painted gold. I know it's winter now, but fall will roll around again!

Brisk Breezer Tiara
 The name sucks, whatever, it was the last tiara I posted that day, and after twenty postings, I was done. This is a simple piece that I made by attaching large yellow silk hydrangea flowers to a wire tiara frame. The piece has been sprayed with gold glitter spray. A sweet sort of tiara that could be worn as a headband any day.

Garden Hearts Tiara
 I had Alice in Wonderland and the Queen's garden in mind when I designed this tiara, but I feel like the metallic red and green pipe cleaners made it look too Christmas-y. I still really love the design, though, and I think it could easily be worn for Valentine's Day or with a fairy costume. I purposefully didn't wrap green pipe cleaners around all the green wire, as I wanted it to be an accent, and not to take over the design. It's a really large piece, and so much fun!

Kiss the Queen Mini Crown

I've been experimenting with making "mini" hats, as you can also see from my earlier posts about my Christmas hats with the Santa and nutcracker. I use a thick matte board and cut out a circle, onto which I glue fleece material. The trim is this cool white pom pom stuff. The crown is made from wire which I spray painted gold, and then gold beads are placed intermittently around the crown. The base of the crown is decorated with flat faux pearls. A ribbon is attached so that the hat/crown can be tied onto the head. It is also sprayed with gold glitter spray.

Gold Crab Claw Tiara
And that makes 3/3 for my crab claw tiaras that I made in December! Gold and sharp as usual.

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