11 January 2013

My First Custom Made-to-Order tiara and other Pinkness

Pinkalicious Mini Crown
 Another mini crown! These things are interesting to make, and I use different methods each time. This one uses silver pipe cleaners, which look really cool. I think I've finally found a formula for the mini crown that works!

Pretty Little Princess Tiara
 I don't make that many little girl tiaras, but they are not difficult to make. I tend to make them small, but rather ornate, and there is always some pink on them, especially as I find it hard to believe that a little girl who would wear a tiara wouldn't want to wear pink! The large pink flower rests in the middle of the central heart design. So cute!

Custom Initial Tiara!!!
 My first custom, Made-to-Order tiara! I've seen other Etsy shops sell tiaras that say things like "Bride" or "Happy Birthday" or whatever. I wanted to try something different, and a bit more classical. I did the letter "A" for the example piece, as my name starts with an A. Each letter will obviously look a little different, but they will all incorporate scroll wire, painted either gold or silver, and utilize pink flowers with little crystal bead centers. I think it'd be fun if for next Christmas I made all my female friends and family their own initial tiaras.

Color Me Pink Tiara
 Naming tiaras is hard! I got some help naming some of them from my friend, Lee, who is super awesome and stylish and always knows what to name her art pieces. I am not a huge fan of the "Color Me Pink" title, but maybe I'll think of something better. I combined practically every pink thing I could find in my inventory. I know little girls love pink, and even women do too, and it is a very feminine color. I've also discovered pipe cleaners, and I've been using them lately in my tiara designs. Note: Yes, there are some glue strands in the picture, not hair (let's hope Regretsy doesn't see this! Lol.).

Sugar Plum Princess Tiara
Pinkalicious! I am not sure what the round, rhinestone-covered beads are called, but they look like awesome pieces of candy to me. I used three large ones on this tiara, along with my handcrafted, "bezel" set gems (see my post, Tiaras of Blue, for my process of how I make those). Pink and cute!!! I think it's important to spread pink in the world, so this is my start.

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