21 October 2013

Mini Crowns Galore

My sister made a lot of small crowns some time ago, but never listed them! So I took matters into my own hands, and took photos and posed while wearing the crowns myself. They are quite neat, and it's cool when she adds stuff to my shop, as they're different than the things I make.
  She basically made a bunch of mini crowns/bun covers. They are easily secured using bobby pins, or for two of the crowns, she made some patching hair pins.

Autumn Mini Crown.
 This is a mini autumn-colored crown, with sparkling bronze leaves and bright shiny berries. This will fit a large bun.

Red and Gold Mini Crown.
 This is a more interesting design. My sister left the dark metal unadulterated, and adorned the design with gold bottle caps and silk covered beads. Rhinestones adorn the bottle caps. This one looks a bit Asian-inspired to me. It comes with two hair pins, which can be seen as the two swirls of metal to the right and left of the tiara.

Silver Crab Claw Crown.
 This is another very interesting design. The crown is this solid webbed piece of wire sculpture, which is covered in a rainbow string. Then the whole piece was coated in sparkling silver glitter. The rainbow can be seen in the inside of the crown. Red painted crab claws decorate the outside of the mini crown. Two glittering swirl pins come with this one, and they can be seen sticking out of either side of the top of the crown.

Harley Quinn Crown.
 This is a super cute Harley Quinn-inspired crown/jester hat. Harley is a super cool villain from Batman. This mini crown is lightweight, and is composed from wire and painted masking tape.

Mini Icicle Crown!
 This one is totally an Ice Queen crown! It is super cool, like long icicles sprouting out, and small sparkling crystals and pearls dangling from each point. It is made entirely of wire and glitter. An awesome piece!

Mini Princess Crown.
 This one is a bit of a princess crown. It's covered in sparkling purple glitter, metallic gold pipe cleaners, and it has large gold sequins dangling from each point.

Purple Mini Crown.
This crown is entirely made from wire and purple glitter. It is a series of swirls that have all been connected into a glob shape. Super fun!

Rainbow Mini Crown!
You all should know by now that I freakin' love rainbows! This crown is super cute, it's made from wire and is covered in that rainbow color-changing thread. A decorative gold ribbon loops around the tiara is a pattern. Unique and cool!

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