11 November 2013

The Holidays are Upon Us!

 Some of these are older pieces, like the Pony hat that I just kept not finishing, and the two mini crowns/bun covers that my sister made some time ago. But the first three pieces below are all new! So check it all out:

Silver and Blue Headband
 I handcrafted this from wire, ribbon, bead strand, a vintage Avon brooch (it's a really lovely brooch, too!) and some blue faceted crystal bead danglies. More simple than most of my work, but the blue is very eye catching!

Detail of the crystal charms and Avon brooch.

Golden Empress Tiara.
 This is a very grand piece, with a vintage Monet brooch as its centerpiece. Glittery gold sprigs adorn both sides of the tiara, and the band is wrapped in glitter gold ribbon. I've added a large rhinestone to the center of the flower brooch.

Cabochon Emerald Tiara.
 This is a petite design, using my own handcrafted glass marble and polymer clay gems (remember when I used them in my hair clips here and here?

Christmas Crown
Well, it wasn't really a Christmas Crown until I added the glittery red holly berries. My sister made the crown sans berries. The pine sprigs are very high quality, they look real! And the twine adds a very nice rustic look. This is meant for wear as a mini crown or bun cover.

Silver Vine Crown.
This is another mini crown/bun cover made by my sister. I added the sparkling leafy vines to it.

Sparkle Pony Hat.
And the piece de resistance! The 4th pony hat! Remember when I said I was going to post this soon, and then "soon" turned into a couple of months? The long wait is over! Silver pony hat is now available.

Pony has been coated in silver spray paint and silver glitter, with rhinestone eyes, silver pipe cleaner tiara, and silver ribbon ankle and neck adornments.

The hat is handcrafted from cardboard and a beautiful embroidered silk fabric. The fabric is literally one of a kind: I got it from a huge ZeroLandfill even in downtown Seattle, and there were tons of samples from Eddie Bauer and other local businesses.

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