11 May 2014

Tiara Book!!!

 As some of you may know, I am a graphic designer, and I was in school for two years learning to be a whiz at Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Using all those skills, I wanted to make a book showcasing my favorite tiaras!
 The cover shows a very large impressive tiara I made for my twin sister for Christmas one year. I don't really make these kinds of tiaras to sell, not only because it uses so many expensive materials (look at all those crystals and cultured pearls!), but it took a really long time! I would charge probably $200 for a tiara like that. Anyways, I am proud of that creation, so I put it on the cover.

This is a tiara I just listed in my Etsy shop. It is made from wire, epoxy resin, and pressed hydrangea flowers. It also made it onto the cover of the art and literary journal Spindrift (which has won national awards, and accepts entries from all over the world). So this is quite a cool tiara! I hope whoever buys it treasures it and loves it as much as I have.

My tiara is featured on the top right on the cover!
About my book, if any of you would be interested in purchasing it, I can list it up for sale at Lulu.com. I don't know for sure how much it would cost. It has 16 pages (with 8 tiaras) plus a front and back cover. So send me a message if you think you would like to buy a copy, and help support an artist, graphic designer, and jewelry designer!

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