29 May 2014

I Heart Jadis

 If there's a fictional character I love more than Empress Jadis from Narnia, I don't know who it is. She is a strong female character that you don't often see in books, even if she is sorta evil. I bet she wore the most amazing ice crowns. CS Lewis obviously wasn't a huge jewelry connoisseur, and he never describes the magnificent jewels she totally would have worn!

 I made this amazing piece from silvery craft sprigs, piled high! The effect is intimidating, and wonderful, so Empress Jadis!

To purchase this tiara, go here.

This is one of my most proud pieces I've made! This says "Winter Queen" all over it, and emulated icicles in a sunray pattern. I've added some aurora rhinestones to the front of the tiara for a subtle effect. Careful when hugging someone while wearing it, I almost hurt my husband's face! :)

Purchase the Frost Empress Crown here.

Now on to tiaras that aren't so fanciful or as fantasy filled. This is a very lightweight Raspberry tiara! It is an understated piece that is really perfect for everday wear, and would be absolutely delightful on a bride at her summer wedding.

Raspberry Summer Tiara

Anther very lightweight, simple tiara. It would be really cute on a bride! Purchase the tiara here.

My sister made the base of this tiara, adding leaves and the turquoise colored beads to a handcrafted tiara base. I completely decked  it out with rhinestones, adding them to the base of the tiara and the tops and bottoms of the leaves. This is a more classical design, so it would go really well with an accurate princess or queen costume.

Duchess of Moondust Tiara.

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