07 September 2012

Fantasy Tiaras that are perfect for Halloween!

I've been wanting to make a Star Trek Borg inspired tiara for a long time, and I finally got around to doing it. This is the sort of tiara I imagine the Borg Queen would wear if she wore a tiara. This is also Seven of Nine inspired, obviously, as I've got the additional eye piece that is a part of the tiara. I want to make another one of these for Halloween for myself, as I want to be a sort of Borg Bee Fairy (I couldn't decide what I wanted to be more for Halloween, so I combined all three). I think I could do it gold or maybe striped black and yellow like a bee. I'll have to see. This one is made all out of wire, and I've painted the wire black, and then dry brushed a metallic turquoise paint over the top. I could do any color, I would just have to mix it up!

The tiara part fits like a headband, and because the eyepiece is connected, the headband just needs to be adjusted so that the eyepiece rests on top of your eyebrow.

I went beach combing at Ocean Shores, Washington, a few weeks back, and I found dozens upon dozens of dead crab arms and claws. I scavenged up a bunch of them, pressure cooked them a couple of times, dried them out in the oven, and then finally they were ready for craft uses. These crab claws are attached to a metal band that I made, and the whole piece is sprayed with a nice high gloss read spray paint. They ended up looking like Devil horns, or mean bull horns, or something equally as lovely. These are perfect for so many Halloween costumes!

These crab claws have many sharp spikes on them, and I do not recommend them for children.

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