11 September 2012

Spiders and Bats

I had to make a bat wing tiara, as Halloween is getting ever nearer, and no one will want to buy black bat tiaras the rest of the year! It is made completely out of black wire, and a purple acrylic rhinestone is affixed in the middle of the tiara, and two dark blue metallic glass beads are on the top and bottom of the rhinestone.

It is a rather large piece, but it is very cool!

 Spiders are really scary to me, but they offer such cool possibilities in the realm of art, that I couldn't resist making a Spider Tiara. It is made completely out of wire, and as a result, it is rather heavy!

It's multiple eyes are little white beads that have red painted-on pupils.

It looks like the spider is perched on top of my head, ready to spring!

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