10 September 2012

Halloween is getting near!

A custom tiara I made for an Etsy customer. It is made all out of wire, with a red gem in the center. It is my imitation of Esmeralda's tiara from the Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney movie.

Esmeralda wearing the tiara. Mine isn't exactly like it, not as thick for one, but I think it's a fairly good real life representation of it.

My Halloween or Day of the Dead tiara. I am trying to make some cool Halloween-inspired tiaras, so this is the first. I got these really cute carved stone skull beads in different colors, and this tiara features a white one.

A simple Pearl Princess Tiara. I found these super awesome faux half pearl stick ons, and this tiara is the first to use them. I saw them before in the craft supply place near where I live, and I finally decided to buy them. They are really the neatest thing I've seen. I also wired them on, because adhesives don't work so well off of paper. But the fact that they stick on means you can place them wherever you want, and they don't move around!

Such a cute, understated piece!

I've been wanting to make more hairclips and combs. Small, petite pieces that can be worn whenever. This one utilizes red sparkling craft findings and red netted tulle material. Two long handmade wire combs come out it, allowing you to easily stick it into a ponytal.

I've got a high ponytail in my hair, and the clip looks rather cute when put off to the side of your head.

A dark Halloween-y tiara with sparkling rhinestones sprinkled all over it. I love gothic-inspired pieces, and since Halloween is coming up, thought I may as well make some!

The tiara design is sort of 3 different elements that are each a sort of tangle of wire. The piece is painted black with a gloss varnish. It's a rather cool piece, I think!

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