03 June 2014

Mermaids and Snow Queens

This is a beautiful and simple glittery green tiara headband. I put a glittery green craft sprig on top of one of my handcrafted wire tiara bands, and then put a row of dark green rhinestones on top. A glittery metal star is in the middle of the tiara, and a dark green rhinestone finishes off the piece.

This piece is simple and low key, so it can be worn with mermaid costumes or with jeans and a t-shirt.

Petite Siren Tiara

This is a lovely piece I've been wanting to make! I bought these large flowers a long while ago, and kept not using them. I knew that they had to be used for the correct tiara design. I found all my clear tiara supplies, and concocted this piece! It looks like an icy snow queen tiara, perfect for weddings or for use with costumes. In between each flower are these lovely clear glass icicle beads, and topping each flower is a long triangular-shaped crystal and a round crystal. A sparkling sheer ribbon covers the band, and clear glitter finishes off the piece, which I applied here and there, mostly to cover up the black-colored wire.

Snow Flowers Tiara

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