22 June 2014

Tiaras: Redesigned

Okay, so to update on my last post. I unlisted about 9 tiaras from my shop that I wanted to improve. These were all tiaras that my sister made, and that she gave to me to list in my Etsy shop. I've improved the first 5, but I don't know whether I will continue with the final four, or just list them at a clearanced price in my shop.

These are the glorious transformations of 5 of those tiaras:

Jester Crown Before

I added a bunch of rhinestones to this piece to really jazz it up. It was pretty plain before, but now it is fancy and will add charm and prestige to any harlequin or Harley Quinn costume. The white beads I covered in sparkling glitter. 

Jester Crown Redesigned!

  ♥    ♥  ♥  ♥

Mini Icicle Crown Before

This one I've added quite a lot to. I kept the original frame, since the shape was attractive. I've changed the coloring from a subtle aurora sparkle to a silver sparkle by covering the tiara in silver glitter and adding lots of rhinestones to it. I've removed the original dangling elements, and simply added 4 briolette drops to the crown. 

Mini Icicle Crown Redesigned!
♥    ♥  ♥  ♥

Mini Princess Crown Before

 This one needed a bit of work, since it looked sort of cheap, and that is never my intention in designing tiaras/crowns. I removed the sequins my sister had dangling from each crown point, and replaced these with golden crystal briolettes. I also added a row of orange rhinestones to the base of the crown, and added an orange rhinestone to the tip of each crown point. The points themselves also needed a little bending and reshaping to look even. The end result is a sparkling mini crown, perfect for little princesses everywhere!

Mini Princess Crown Redesigned!

  ♥    ♥  ♥  ♥

Purple Fair Crown Before

This crown was incredibly simple to begin with, so all I needed to do with this one was to add stuff! I added trailing green vines to the crown, and lavender rhinestones to the middle of each swirl element. The end result is a magnificent fairy crown.

Purple Fairy Crown Redesigned!
♥    ♥  ♥  ♥

Empress Butterfly Tiara Before

 This was a tiara that was just never very popular in my Etsy shop. I can tell whether people like a certain tiara, because it will almost immediately get lots of views. This tiara was never to be, and after more than 6 months in my shop, it only got a measly 90 views. I knew it was high time to redesign it into something amazing, and I did. I added lots of rhinestones to this tiara, helping to fill out the shape and also hide the wire frame. I put silver glitter all over, which added lots more sparkle to the tiara. Finally, underneath each butterfly, I affixed a horizontal rhinestone bead, filling in that large gap beneath each butterfly. My sister has good ideas, but she doesn't always bring the tiara to its final finished state. I am pretty good at taking her work and making it look perfect and polished.

Empress Butterfly Tiara Redesigned!

This post reminds me of those before and after shots for home miracle remedies, where the person slouches or is not smiling in the "before" shot, but in the "after" pic, they are standing up tall and looking super happy. Because let's face it, the "before" tiara shots in this post are TERRIBLY taken photos; they do, however, make the "after" redesigned tiaras look just that much more amazing!

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