19 January 2014

Custom Initial Tiaras

 I've had my custom initial tiara listing for a long time, and I finally got an order to make a custom one! I suppose I never considered more than one initial, so when my customer wanted the title "RN" on the tiara, I thought, why not? They wanted it silver with white flowers. My original "example" tiara, with my initial of "A," is gold with pink flowers. I like both color combinations, and it's interesting how they still look like they belong to the same collection!

The initials "RN" for Registered Nurse.

The original tiara (not for sale, but as it's a custom item, you choose the letter(s). I know the Cyrillic alphabet, so I can do any of those characters, and I could do Greek or other simple symbol languages. For a single initial tiara, order one here, and for more than one letter, send me a conversation over Etsy, and I'll make a custom listing for you.

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