25 January 2014

Flowers, College craziness, and... Sperm!

This is a lovely, classical flower headband/tiara. I handcrafted the frame from wire (as always!) and attached a sparkling green grape leaf to it. The band is wrapped in a sheer green ribbon. Pink hydrangea flowers adorn one side, and a pale pink crystal is in the middle of each flower. 

Hydrangea Headband with Crystals.

I came up with this design after thinking about tiaras with people's initials on them. Remember the "RN" tiara I made? Then I kept thinking, what if people wanted three initials? Then I thought of what other symbols/characters I can do, and when Greek letters came to mind, I immediately thought, Sorority! I've never been to a university, so I have not had the experience of being in a sorority, but I hear that they are like family, which sounds so nice! This is a random sorority I found online, Delta Upsilon Theta, but I can do any three Greek Letters, and also in as big a quantity as desired. Just give me a few weeks to get them made! Also, tiara is available in either gold, as shown, or silver.

Edit: I have been asked to take this listing down from Etsy, as the above sorority is a copyrighted/trademarked term. If you would like a similar tiara, it will have to be a custom order on the side, as I cannot list it again. Thanks.

Sorority Girl Tiara.

This tiara I am super excited about!  I have collaborated with my friend, Bethann, who runs The Silly Sperm Shop on Etsy. She supplied the sperm, I showed her my tiara sketches, and I made this tiara! It is crafted from wire, paint, ribbon, and two Sperm stress balls (obviously, their heads have been cut off). This is a huge piece, meant for a costume or party, or I thought Burning Man would be an appropriate occasion for this tiara. After all, you are wearing the Safe Sex Mascot on your head!

This tiara is meant for men or women!

Sperm Tails Tiara.

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