28 January 2014

Ocean Temptresses

It really is the most fun to make mermaid tiaras. There are some words to keep in mind when coming up with mermaid tiaras: seaweed, pearls, sunken treasure, shells, fishermen nets, fish, water, and fish scales. So, any combination of these make for a fun mermaid tiara! This one uses an oyster shell. I've used epoxy resin to secure gold tone chain inside the shell, along with a faux pearl and gold tone filigree earring, loose faux pearls, and a small strand of faux pearls. Dangling from the oyster shell on chain are green crystal beads. They are meant to hang at the front of your face. Green sparkling seaweed adorns either side of the shell, and green sparkling craft findings with large kelp-like balls add volume. The band is covered in a shimmery green ribbon, and then I've added a frayed green netting, almost imitating a bridal veil. It is longer on one side, so that, evidenced by the below picture, it can flow with long hair. The green netting has been sprayed with gold glitter spray to add a glimmer. This was a fun piece to make!

Pearly Mermaid Tiara.

And another fun tiara! I used gold mussel shells on a tiara some time ago, which a lovely mermaid enthusiast bought. Because that design worked so well, I wanted to try something a little different. You'll probably all have noticed that I have a tendency to never make the same tiara again, unless someone commissions me to do so. I have way too many designs in my head to make the same thing over and over! This tiara uses four large mussel shells which have been reinforced with some epoxy resin, then sprayed gold. Faux pearls and green crystals are spaced between the shells, and then a sparkling green seaweed is placed on top of everything. Such a lovely piece, if I do say so.

Temptress of the Sea Tiara.

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