27 January 2014

Tiaras for Brides and Brides-to-be!

I certainly didn't invent the idea of a "Bride-to-be" tiara, but after seeing many different versions of them crop up all over the internet, I decided to try my hand at one! I've spiced up my version of the bachelorette tiara by adding a row of faux flat pearls to the base. They balance nicely with the pearl I've added for the dot in the "i."

The version pictured is for sale, naturally, but after this one sells, this will be a made-to-order tiara. Please allow up to two weeks for me to make one especially for you. The time spent on making it will depend on how busy I am. I am currently job hunting, so I've got some free time on my hands...

Bachelorette Bride Tiara.
And I've recently made a new Bachelorette Tiara! This one is with acrylic rhinestones instead of pearls. The same design, but slightly different!

Rhinestone Bride Tiara

...and, because I made the "bride-to-be" tiara above, I made a "just married" tiara as well! While you could wear the bride tiara at your bachelorette party, wedding maybe, and your honeymoon, I'd say the "just married" tiara is more for the honeymoon, or at least the trip to the airport, and the time spent waiting for the plane. You know how some brides wear their dresses to the airport so that they have an excuse to wear it longer? They could wear a tiara like this instead or with their dress! I think it'd be cute.

Same as above, the pictured tiara is for sale, but once this copy sells, it will be a made-to-order tiara.

Just Married Tiara.

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