18 January 2014

Gumdrops and Sprites

 I say it every time, but I have waited too long to make a tiara! It's been at least a couple of months since I've made one, or at least it feels like it has been. These are some of the design that have been floating around my head recently.

Midnight Tiara

A simple tiara of black crystals. Quite small enough for everyday wear, and because it's black, won't look too fancy with a pair of jeans.

Gumdrop Princess Tiara

A huge fan of Candyland, this tiara is a perfect accessory for a candy-loving princess. Gumdrops are not real, by the way, they are just really realistic. I also wouldn't recommend licking them :)!
Woodland Peacock Tiara. It's actually a headband, I suppose, but a VERY fancy headband!

This has all sorts of sparkling bits, including green glass rhinestones, a green sparkling seaweed sprig, and a turquoise sprig that weaves in and out of the lovely green silk flowers.

Winter Queen Tiara
A small winter piece. Most of my winter-y creations are large and obvious, but this is a rather nice smaller one. You could wear this everyday, and is perfect for winter when you're feeling depressed from lack of sun. Because how can you not feel happy when you're wearing a tiara?

Woodland Sprite Tiara. Well, also technically a headband.

This tiara is rather large because of the leaves, but it sits close to the head, so is not as obvious as it might first seem. It is like one of those fancy hats Queen Elizabeth II wears (see pic below).

My inspiration for the above tiara? Perhaps, but subconsciously.

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