20 November 2011


 This is a better, renovated version of a tiara I made back in October. I was never very happy with the finished piece, so I finally added some more decoration to it, and now I absolutely love it! It is all gold, made with vintage crescent moon earrings, a nice and vintage star clip-on-earring centerpiece, gold disc earrings flanking either side. A gold-beaded vintage necklace forms the decorative base of the tiara. A very decorative ribbon is wrapped around the metal base of the tiara, padding the tiara on the wearer's head.
 I have quite a lot of fun posing with my tiaras. I like to show people exactly what they look like when worn, so that they know what they're in for when they purchase it!
This is a commissioned piece, inspired by Princess Fiona's (from Shrek) tiara. It is all gold wire, painted in mod podge to make a more solid design, and then sprayed with gold spray paint. I hand painted a gold, sparkly paint on top, and I edged the large scroll designs in vintage gold-tone chain.

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