24 November 2011

Rainbows, Pinks and Reds to Brighten the Day!

 I made this tiara quite a long time ago. It is based off a type of tiara called a kokoshnik, fringe, halo, or spike tiara. Mine isn't composed of platinum and diamonds, but rather I used matte board which I cute into little spike shapes, attached wire to each piece, and then wrapped each piece in aluminum foil. I attached everything to a wire band onto which I threaded aluminum foil beads. The entire piece has been painted in magenta acrylic paint, and then artfully splattered with pink and black paint. I love this piece so much, I will be rather sad when it finally does sell in my Etsy shop!
 This piece is one of my most imaginative. It's my rainbow mermaid siren queen tiara, made completely out of white, smoothed-down, bits of sea shells and extra large barnacles. The whole piece is painted as a sunset in acrylic paints. I always think of the Little Mermaid Disney movie, and a sparkling sea and a sunset, that was what inspired the color scheme here.
 This piece was actually inspired by my boyfriend, who's last name is French for "Sun", and he had dressed up as the Sun King for Halloween one year. He never wore this piece, it was meant more as a sculptural type piece of artwork, but still functions quire well as a wearable tiara! I consider this a bit steampunk or tech or whatever, as it's got old computer parts on it, along with a snail shell, crabshell, bottle cap, and feathers springing out of the middle. Completely coated in shining red spray paint, and then artfully brushed-on sparkling gold acrylic paint. This piece is definitely one-of-a-kind.
I had some silk flower bits, craft birds, and vintage brooches, and this piece came into being. I love elf and woodland themed pieces, and I try to make them unique and interesting, since everybody on Etsy seems to love to make Elf tiaras also! This one is very lightweight, and a bright green, silken ribbon trails off either end of the tiara, making for the perfect Princess of the forest piece.

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