25 November 2011

Mermaid Tiara!!!

 I had another mermaid tiara that sold before Halloween. Most people who viewed my Etsy shop in the month of October were mostly looking for Black Swan Tiaras and Mermaid Crowns. I think by next Halloween I will have a very nice stock of tiaras that fit those descriptions, and since "mermaid" and "black swan" are more ideas than exact tiara designs, I find it quite fun to make tiaras based on those ideas! This tiara has real shells on it, and the whole piece is spray painted with dark bronze paint, and then I hand painted a gold/orange paint on top, which brings out the infinite detail of each shell. The finished piece looks like a bronze-casted tiara rather than a tiara made from organic shells,netting and wire!
 The little mermaid in her own Moondust Jewels, one-of-a-kind tiara. I love posing for tiara pics, even though I am selling them, I get to wear them for at least a little while, and I am able to feel like a princess for atleast a couple of minutes!

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